NOTL Skating Club's Judi Boyle-Krzeczkowski was chosen as one of seven "Best of the Best
CanSkate Coaches" in the inaugural year of this Skate Canada initiative.  The selection
included a trip to Regina, Saskatchewan to attend the Skate Canada ACGM.  Here she
participated in workshops to exchange ideas with her peers and had the opportunity to
mingle with world class Canadian skaters.  

Sandra Bezic (currently of
Battle of the Blades) presented Judi with this prestigious award
during the Awards' Ceremony.  During her introduction, Sandra reminded everyone that the
CanSkate program in Canada is the grassroots program for learning to skate.   She went on
to say that without the work of CanSkate coaches such as the seven women they were
honouring, Skate Canada would be nowhere and how amazing it is to reward people for what
they've done.

"It was such an honour to work with talented Coaches from across the country who take their
role in Skate Canada's learn to skate program seriously," said Advisory Coaching committee
Chair. Monica Lockie. "All of the participants involved showed true passion, dedication and
commitment. We are fortunate to have individuals like these among us."

Congratulations Judi Boyle-Krzeczkowski  on receiving this well deserved award!
Coaching Programs Manager, Josée Landriault
after the Award's Ceremony