Fun with Basics/Off Ice Fitness
This on ice program is offered to all Junior, Intermediate, and Senior skaters.  Skaters will be taught in
a group format by Club provided professional coaches.  Skaters will experience new ideas in spins,
power skating, and edges while focusing on the Basics of musicality, movement, and body control in a
creative and fun environment.


The goal of this training program is to maximize the athletic potential of our developing skaters.  
Strength training helps develop the body for optimum jumps, spins and overall core strength as well as
injury prevention.  These sessions have proven highly successful in our skaters' physical development
and are enjoyed by all participants. The program will be offered to the STARSkate and Competitive
skaters.  We welcome Jena Slingerland to our club this year.  She is a CanFitPro certified Personal
Trainer and will be leading this program.


This program is specifically designed to fit our skaters’ needs.  It is divided into Junior, Intermediate
and Senior classes.  This class will teach expressive and creative movement as well as musicality to
our  skaters to enhance their own abilities which is essential to the “Program Components” mark of a
skating program. The format will be a weekly 35 minute group class as well as private lessons
(individual rotation) for all participants throughout the season to work specifically on their own
programs.   We encourage all skaters to take advantage of this beneficial program.  We welcome back
Justine Comfort as our instructor for this class.


This class completes the off ice complement of programs we offer to produce a well rounded skater.  It
coincides our Sunday afternoon on ice session.